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With platinum and gold selling accolades across their catalogue of 5 albums The Pigeon Detectives return with album 6, an album influenced by their biggest hits but matured beyond them.

Feeling like a band reborn The Pigeon Detectives have never really gone away, having quietly built a resurgent following at headline gigs and festivals across the UK with their high octane live show, the set is peppered with sing-a-long hits that have passed the test of time with flying colours attracting a younger audience to shows alongside a contingent of Pigeon ‘die hards’.

Produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms / The Courteeners / The Coral / Vistas / Oscar Lang / Jamie Webster) the album holds onto the infectious energy that drove the band to huge audiences on their early records, but has a contemporary feel to the production, arrangements and lyrics reflecting a band that have honed their craft and grown as a band and people.



1. Falling To Pieces
2. Summer Girl
3. Lovers Come And Lovers Go
4. The Warning


1. Dreaming Of A Song
2. I Can't Stop
3. TV Show
4. Would It Be So Bad?
5. Purple Skies

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