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Pigeon Detectives

TV Show

    With platinum and gold selling accolades across their catalogue of 5 albums The Pigeon Detectives return with album 6, an album influenced by their biggest hits but matured beyond them.

    Feeling like a band reborn The Pigeon Detectives have never really gone away, having quietly built a resurgent following at headline gigs and festivals across the UK with their high octane live show, the set is peppered with sing-a-long hits that have passed the test of time with flying colours attracting a younger audience to shows alongside a contingent of Pigeon ‘die hards’.

    Produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms / The Courteeners / The Coral / Vistas / Oscar Lang / Jamie Webster) the album holds onto the infectious energy that drove the band to huge audiences on their early records, but has a contemporary feel to the production, arrangements and lyrics reflecting a band that have honed their craft and grown as a band and people.


    SIDE A

    1. Falling To Pieces
    2. Summer Girl
    3. Lovers Come And Lovers Go
    4. The Warning

    SIDE B

    1. Dreaming Of A Song
    2. I Can't Stop
    3. TV Show
    4. Would It Be So Bad?
    5. Purple Skies

    Tommy Ashby


      Named after a line taken from the great Edinburgh poet Norman MacCaig’s Praise of a Man, Tommy Ashby’s stunning debut album ‘Lamplighter’ distills the idea that after someone significant enters your life, the light they pass on will spread and illuminate others. Once that light is lit, it never really goes out. The album is a sincere and touching meditation on relationships; familial and friendships, the romantic and the unspoken. Capturing snapshots of people, places and moments in time, the work beautifully illustrates the effect that a person can have on your life and reflects on how the important relationships in our lives shape us; “It depicts all the people who were lamplighters in my life”.

      After swapping a one-bed flat in London for the big skies, reed beds and sunsets of rural Suffolk, Tommy found himself writing about relationships with family and friends, along with a sense of place and its significance. Recorded in a series of secluded retreats tucked away in the hidden corners of the UK, an affinity for location and nature permeates the record. You can hear the trickle of streams in the woods of the Scottish Borders, birds spinning off the sea-cliffs of Zennor in Cornwall and the misty autumn chill of days spent recording in Suffolk and Pembrokeshire. Throughout ‘Lamplighter’, Tommy reminisces over many fond childhood memories of wandering wild Scottish woodlands with his parents, his grandma’s enthusiasm for naturalist poetry and folk music or nights spent sneaking into pubs and bars to play the blues with his dad. As the album unfolds the songs muse over these memories. You get a sense that Tommy is trying to come to terms with how these personal connections have changed over the years and how they’ve come to shape him as an individual.


      1. Running
      2. My Old Man
      3. Moonflower (Best Friend)
      4. Closer
      5. When Love Goes Dark
      6. Floorboards
      7. Not That Far To Go
      8. A Beautiful Day
      9. Safe And Sound
      10. Lifeline
      11. Which Way The Wind Blows
      12. Weigh Me Down
      13. Comeback Kid

      Jake Whiskin

      Jake Whiskin

        The debut album from Leeds singer-songwriter Jake Whiskin.

        From Jake:
        This album is a process of healing and reflection on a crazy time a few years ago where I lost my Dad, my relationship at the time ended and my band I’d grown up with broke up - all within a few months of each other. I stopped making music for years after that, I worked at Starbucks by day and stayed at home by night. It took years before I picked up the guitar again and when I did everything started to come out in the songs I wrote. The pain of losing my Dad, my past relationship and my struggles with depression and bigger questions about spirituality and life. The album has been my therapy and crux, in part helping me heal and equally throwing me into some of the hardest times of my life.

        Musically I was inspired by Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan as well as more 90’s rock like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, to name a few. It’s both what I grew up listening to and what I discovered on my own. Some of the songs are brand new, others are years old. It’s eclectic and that’s what I wanted it to be, both intimate Americana and more hard hitting rock songs too. The album is more of a look over your shoulder into past than it is based in the present, and in that I can see multitudes of snapshots from my life in it, I hope you can see something in it too.


        1. Slow Motion
        2. Absence
        3. The Trail Went Cold
        4. Halfway Down The Street
        5. Jake Germain-Whiskin
        6. Headfirst Dive
        7. Satanic Panic Love Song
        8. Long Way Home
        9. Heatwave
        10. Half Asleep
        11. Cold Morning

        Low Hummer

        Modern Tricks For Living

          Low Hummer are a fast-rising six piece from Hull that write about their life in deepest darkest East Yorkshire and their place in a world of consumerism and bad news stories sold as gospel. Daniel, Aimee, Steph, Jack, John and Joe came together from the far corners of the city’s tight knit DIY community, established a regular rehearsal home in iconic DIY venue The New Adelphi Club and set about honing their righteous, danceable garage rock before announcing themselves in late 2019 and introducing the world to Low Hummer - this band of misfits from a town left behind.

          “Scuzzed out indie with lashings of synths, their post-punk leaning songwriting has a surreal pop instinct running through it” – Clash.

          “Brilliant new garage rock… classic garage rock sounds that join with post-punk fury.” – Gigwise.

          “Its really charming. Great.” Laura Snapes (The Guardian / Pitchfork - For 6 Music Roundtable).


          Side A
          Take Arms
          Don’t You Ever Sleep
          I Choose Live News
          Never Enough
          Sometimes I Wish (I Was A Different Person)

          Side B
          The Real Thing
          Human Behaviour
          I Tell You What
          The People, This Place

          The fifth album from British indie-rock band, The Pigeon Detectives. The band has returned to their old label 'Dance To The Radio' and have worked with producer Richard Formby. We've got some high hopes for this album and we definitely think it'll be their most reflective and personal one yet.

          “On this album we felt we owed it to [our fans] to deliver something real that documents the journey we’ve all been on together. If you listen hard enough and take some time over the record, you’ll realise it’s an ode to everyone that’s ever bought an album or turned up to a show.” - Matt Bowman


          1. Wolves
          2. Lose Control
          3. Munro
          4. Enemy Lines
          5. Sounding The Alarm
          6. Falling In Love
          7. A Little Bit Alone
          8. Stay With Me
          9. Postcards
          10. Change My World

          ¡Forward, Russia!

          Don't Be A Doctor

            Fresh from conquering all sides of the globe, ¡Forward, Russia! return with an epic song that seems to completely distill their output so far and also push them into new directions all in the space of a sprawling seven minute plus song. Distributed to us directly from the band, this is going to be ebay gold in a few months time.

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