Sus Dog

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Ex-Warp artist Clark recruits none other than Thom Yorke as Exec Producer for his first album on his label centred on his own singing. It combines his trademark searing synth melodies and beats with vocal hooks.

Thom says "the way he approached it all wasn't the usual singer songwriter guff
 thank god; it mirrored the way he approached all his composition and recording,
 but this time it had a human face. His face." Chris says "I kept on thinking what would it sound like if The Beach Boys took MDMA and made a rave record"


1. Alyosha
2. Town Crank
3. Sus Dog (feat. Anika)
4. Clutch Pearlers
5. Over Empty Streets
6. Wedding
7. Forest
8. Dolgoch Tap
9. Bully
10. Dismissive
11. Medicine (feat. Thom Yorke)
12. Ladder

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