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Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun

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Gather together beneath the sun as we journey through the rhythmic sands of time, Paul Hillery, an esteemed collector and vinyl hunter, presents his follow-up to the highly acclaimed "We Are The Children Of The Sun." Andrew Male of MOJO Magazine calls the album "One of the most emotionally uplifting and hazily beautiful compilations of recent years." "Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun" is a shimmering collection of rare finds, reminding us that we have more to connect us than to divide us.

The music encompasses a broad range of sounds, starting in Cajun country with Will & James Ragar, their handmade acoustic guitars allowing for soaring vocals. Along with many of the tracks featured on this compilation, "As the Day Grows Tired" is reissued on vinyl for the first time. Experience the previously unreleased cover of "Milk and Honey" featuring Kat Barnard and Greg Foat, a versatile mainstay of the UK jazz scene. Discover the first-ever vinyl release of "Kayenta Crossing" by William Eaton Ensemble, capturing the austere presence of Monument Valley. Immerse yourself in Wendy Grace's jazz-folk masterpiece "More Than Hope" and the acoustic ambience of "Golden Hour" by Aria Rostami.

Paul Hillery and BBE present a compilation of styles and genres, fusing together to make private press wants accessible as a springboard for further listening pleasures. "Once Again We Are the Children of the Sun'' is an eclectic selection mixing styles, year and tempo, painstakingly gathered and presented with a great deal of love.


Darryl says: Another Paul Hillery compilation, and this one’s the follow up to last year’s impeccable ‘We Are The Children Of Sun’. His legendary crate digging talent shows no sign of drying up with these amazing obscure psych, folk, rock and jazz gems from across the world.


1. As The Day Grows Tired - Will & James Ragar .
2. Crazy Days - Forest
3. Free And Easy - Cunningham Corner
4. More Than Hope - Wendy Grace
5. Tight Tonight - Bengt Liedman
6. Soul Shadow - Corill
7. Come And Take Me By The Hand - Varela
8. Just A Thought - Just Us
9. Time - Mike Baumann & Thom Huntington
10. Write Your Lucky Number - Darrell John
11. Going Back In Time - The Freeze Band
12. Ice Cold - Godspeed
13. Moonshine - Orion
14. Milk And Honey - The Greg Foat Group Feat. Kat Barnard
15. Golden Hour - Aria Rostami
16. Fate (Demo) - Bugatti & Musker
17. Peace Train - Garth Fletcher
18. If Life Was A Ferris Wheel - Mark Capanni

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