Brand New Heavies

Original Flava

Image of Brand New Heavies - Original Flava
Record Label
Acid Jazz

About this item

To mark the 35th Anniversary of the label, Acid Jazz are reissuing some essential formative albums as a special series on coloured vinyl. Brand New Heavies’ ‘Orginal Flava’ was originally released in 1994, but includes material from before their seminal, self-title 1990 debut ‘Brand New Heavies’. 

Highlights include a lounge version of ‘Never Stop’, the Crusaders-esque ‘Country Funkin’ as well as an adventurous live version of ‘Headhunters’, which shows the Heavies’ power as a live outfit. A vital snapshot into the early years of a vital band and the early years of Acid Jazz


1. Rest Of Me
2. Put Yourself In My Shoes
3. Reality
4. Country Funkin’
5. Got To Give
6. Mother’s Tongue
7. Dream Come True
8. Never Stop
9. Headhunters (Live)
10. A Day At The Seaside

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