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Anyway, Still

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Exit North are: Japan co-founder, solo artist Steve Jansen, Swedish singer songwriter Thomas Feiner, pianist Ulf Jansson, and renowned Swedish producer/multi-instrumentalist Charlie Storm. Their 2nd studio album ‘Anyway, Still’ continues the quartet’s appetite for exploring provocative song structures. Weaving classic elements such as piano and strings into the layered threads of the bands material. Where intimacy and atmospherics give way to powerful dynamics, animated rhythms and grooves, driving distortions and crescendos in cinematic scale. Like excavators with uncompromising autonomy, Exit North relish the exploration of every nuance and detail of the recorded performance. Artwork contains full lyrics. 


Barry says: There aren't many composers more qualified to compose dynamic, surprising electronic music than the great Steve Jansen of Japan, and this project sees him team up with Thomas Feiner and Charlie storm for a touching and airy suite of rich modern-classical topped with Feiner's soft but imposing vocal talents. Reminiscent of Michael Gira's vocals atop a more restrained, brittle background hum.


1. I Only Believe In Untold Stories
2. Your Story Mine
3. The Unforeseen
4. Where The Coin Fell
5. Bled Out
6. Us In Half
7. A Battle Cried
8. With All The Indifference
9. In The Game
10. The Signal

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