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Ancestors Call (Part 2)

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By now Nicola Loporchio aka Nico Lahs has a discography that has become respected and sought after among DJs and music lovers in dance music across the globe.Whether it be deep, atmospheric, jackin' or jazz-flecked deep, it's all firmly rooted in house music tradition, something that Nico Lahs masters with ease. With releases on labels like Moods & Grooves, Delusions Of Grandeur, Ovum, HotMix, Adeem plus many more, he shows no sign in slowing down either.

"Ancestors Call" is a musical story told in two parts. Filled with melodic and spiritual elements, sitting somewhere between Ron Trent, Kyle Hall and Joe Claussell.

Part 2 dives deeper and adds additional layers of melody that tie the whole release firmly together. With Nico Lahs talented songwriting, his evolution is endless and bright...

"Ancestors Call" is something you listen to from start to finish, each song building a musically expansive story. That said, all four jams here are gonna get even the stiffest of nightclub patron shuffling around inna eyes-wide-shut revelry; the chakra-aligning rhythms and moods certain to rouse the spirits of the weary and inject life into the dancefloor... Recommended! 


Matt says: Dreamy and oozing class, Nico Lahs drops a spiritual four tracker of dizzying quality. Reminiscent of Ron Trent's Electric Blue series - the merger of electronic elements of human expression is both elevating and transportive. A shimmering holographic world of beauty.


A1. Dancing Stars
A2. Ascension
B1. Astral Pla(t)s
B2. Love Sets You Free

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