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Part 1 of a two part project from Casino Times exploring the fertile ground between techno, breaks and bass. The two 12”s make up a fully realized album; cemented into a durable yet expansive electronic framework which is perfect for Joseph Spencer and Nicholas Church to hang their ergonomic high voltage tapestries. These are functional tracks with just the right amount of head space and cerebral leaning to gift home listeners as much as club goers. The ingenuity and creativity levels are high right across the two parts; landing in the same territories as KH, TOHT, Overmono and Club Winston yet with their own rugged, hardware driven outer shell. 


A. A Change In Motion
A. Tweak Feat. Cimmerli
B. End Of Civilisation
B. Passing By
B. Square

Part 2 of a two part project from Casino Times which finds Joseph Spencer and Nicholas Church continuing to carve out new paths across the blurred boundaries between bass, techno and breaks.

With both 12”s making up the album proper, the second part is equally enthralling as the first – five tracks that glow with a nuclear core, powered by pneumatic drums and tastefully decorated with sumptuous pads, the occasional vocal rap and lashings of untamed electric currents. It gloriously exists in the right now whilst paying close attention to the kinetic rhythms of the body and the ongoing exploration of synthesized soundscapes. In short a proper vivid mind trip which’ll equally excite dancers and DJs when placed into their natural environments. There’s few LPs that work in such varied contexts, but Casino Times seem to have nailed just that. Recommended!


A. Ultra Synthetic
A. Something Else Feat. Duane
A. Run Mods
B. Unfold
B. Tides

Louis Fitton aka Louf's debut EP, "Kilopascal" on Omena is excellent proof of his ability to deliver forward-thinking music with a fresh and experimental focus. Sometimes less is more and even though not every track on this release contains drum programming it feels complete through his expert and wholesome use of modular elements and synth patches; the title track a perfect example of this proficiency. Elsewhere on the EP we get dub-techno soundscapes paired with crisp electronic beats and glacial, polyphonic patterns with a very upfront patina.

Finland's Saine is a regular on Omena, and here the producer remixes "Tides" to great effect, melding abstract synthesis techniques with house music's steady propulsion.

Already garnering massive support from Ben UFO, George Fitzgerald and Gilles Peterson.


A1. Trailing Dub
A2. Tides
A3. Kilopascal
B1. Tides (Saine Remix)
B2. Don't Think Too Hard

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