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With an album on Kerri Chandler's Kaoz Theory plus EPs on his Madhouse and Madtech imprints you could say Benson Herbert and Leo Picking - aka Voyeur - made a triple axel that a lot of producers wouldn't mind themselves.

Their debut release on Omena, Awakening, oozes percussion finesse, deep pads, chord stabs, vocal chants and playful melodies.
As an added bonus we're treated to a remix from our friends Casino Times.

Casino Times returns to Omena with a second EP, Recoded. For those of you that could not get enough of 'Decoded', released in 2017, here's four more tracks - all hitters, no shitters. 
Casino flexes his muscles once again. The man hits the jackpot more often than not showing his versatility and eclecticism, running away from easy pigeonholing. You are greeted with a weapon on "Voices". Proper house tune to heat it all up with playful effects and gracious synths. 
After making you sweat, we bring things down a notch with "This is My Channel", an electro tune that probably has been heavily influenced by Kraftwerk. The vocal sample is a nice touch. Electro I said, but on the soft warm side of the spectrum. 
You also get two more downtempo pieces. My favourite is the closing track which is worth the entire vinyl imho. "Display End Sequence" is a calm, deep house number full of dreamy effects and a cosy, soft bassline that does not let go. A beauty in its own right  and my top track in this very very good ep. Casino wins once again. No signs of fading away. 


Sil says: Casino Times turn at Omena towers. Uncompromising straight to the jugular house tracks that will not leave you indifferent. But also offering an introspective affair take on the house genre. Synth ridden, bubbly and warm. Casino hitting the jackpot again. True form.

Fresh from a debut on 100% Silk, Berlin artist Westcoast Goddess continues to set forth a vision of psycho-spiritual house music with this debut release on Omena.

"Springtime Forever EP" consists of 4 tracks dating from 1998 to the present, each representing a joyful season of the artist's heart.

Beginning with the Roule-indebted "Summer Song '98" - coursing with searing strings, flanging hooks and a loose house beat, this instantly transports the listener to a better time; before fear, surveillance and narcissism really grabbed hold of our society (Dave's just informed by that there was plenty of narcissism in the late 90s... but hey ho - ed).

"Better The..." is a highly musical number, with interplay between various synthesized elements, a stomping house beat and some brilliant keyboard solos. It has that getting-towards-the-end-of-the-session exuberance that you need when the DJ's only got a few records left to play and should find itself soundtracking a thousand 'lights-on' moments across clubland.

"No One Has 2 Know" sees an authentic NY house banger rolled out with aplomb. Complete with vocal, pumpin houz beats and tight synth stabs it's a no brainer for any main room or festival crowd.

"Blisstonia Babies" completes the set with another high end show boater; rich piano chords paired with lavish synthlines, trilling keys and arm-raising strings; an absolutely stonking house anthem with spine-tingling musicality and fathoms-wide smiles throughout. Nothing has embodied the feel good spirit of house music as much as this track this year! Massive.

As always, Ivo Kiusalaas has provided the label art.

London based producer & DJ, Books comes through on Omena with an EP that follows on from his acclaimed "Feel It In My Bones" & "High Praise Edits Vol.1" - both released on XVI Records and receiving widespread praise from the likes of Gilles Peterson, The Black Madonna, Sassy J, Moodymann, Ashley Beedle, Lefto and last but not least Omena's very own Tooli.

On "Sour Grapes", Books showcases his deft touch and effortless way with samples, instruments, and the house music mindset. A conga-driven deep house burner with just the right amount of shake, rattle and roll.

"Taking Care Of Business" sees soul and disco inflections deposited onto another frenetic house groove; reminding me of that classic GAMM, Kolor LTD or Local Talk sound.

Laurence Guy, raised by Chi-town strippers and Prince records, works the title track into a warm, fizzy, broken beat mellower, with red-hued keys, powerful bass and organic perc; it perfectly fits that late afternoon, early evening vibe when excitement and tension are slowly building up to a massive climax of emotion.

Finally, Books give us one more OG - "The Spice Must Flow", which finds the producer conjuring up more atypical perc lines to power the meandering Rhodes and gentle strings. A lovely ending to this soul drenched house EP definitely recommended if you like the warmer and funkier end of the spectrum. 

After a brief design-related false start, Swedish wunderkind HNNY releases his debut on Tooli's Omena Records. After bursting onto the the scene with a chunky house refit of Mariah's Foreigner cover, Johan Cederberg delivered a stream of revival house bangers on Local Talk and Let's Play House (including the majestic "For The Very First Time") before broadening his horizons to include Balearic groovers and sunkissed downbeat, and tt's in the latter mood we find him on his debut longplayer. Armed with an endless supply of dusty blue eyed soul samples, production expertise and unhurried style, HNNY packs "Sunday" with the kind of sumptuous textured chill out we, well, chilled out to in the genre's late nineties heyday. Previous singles "Cheer Up My Brother" and "There Is No One Else" are the most floor-friendly cuts on the LP, the latter cutting neat shapes in the filter house realm, while "Sylvia" and "My Baby" are delightfully horizontal soothers worthy of a vintage Ibizan sunset. Lavishly packaged and in frenzied demand, you'd be advised to snap this up sharpish.


LP Info: LP comes in deluxe embossed gatefold sleeve.

Seb Wildblood's Omena LP, "The One With The Emoticon" gets remixed by a plethora of new and established talent from the global dance music village. Coastal house groovers Telephones are first to engage, imbuing "Wet Plants" with those crystalline blue skies and windswept hair styles that's fast become their standard. Tailor made for speedboat rides across the Adriatic! New girl Yu Su has previously released on cult labels Arcane and PPU. Here she coaxes "The One With The Emoticon" into the bedroom for a delicate and sensual rubdown that sounds super dreamy. Stockholm head and Studio Banhaus director, Kornel Kovacs is enlisted for a deliciously tasty retake of "Wet Summer"; injecting some radiance and futurism into its stems via some well synthesized sounds and disjointed rhythms. Finally, DK puts "Interlude" into the clouds via synth-choir vox, ascending keyboard parts and sumptuous pads; placing the track above the midday haze, gently riding the thermals without a care in the world. Amazing stuff here.


Transport EP

Omena celebrates its 20th release by inviting Lance Gurisik, the artist most commonly known as Lancelot for a double header of dancefloor decadence. "Transport" is technicoloured, electrified house music brilliance with that hedonistic, coastal slant. Think, Telephones / Roy Comanchero (and the Running Back label in general), Discos Nutabe and Hivern labels taken to the stadiums and mainrooms of the most lavish global dance parties and you'll get the idea. "Eade Rd" keeps a similar template for another mainroom smasher full of thick, full frequency synth lines, weaving leads and powerful drums. Fort Romeao, Sparky and even Erick Morillo come to mind as this all conquering dance track emanates from the speaker stack. Lancelot's sound is sophisticated and powerful, with a really strong production aesthetic combined with a stunning sensibility and appreciation of the dancefloor and its resonant frequencies. Top stuff. 


Evanescence - Inc. Man Power Remix

Having previously released music on Wolf Music, Futureboogie and recently his own label Fate And Fiction Recordings, Lee Pattison aka Thrilogy delivers the 18th release on iconic label Omena. Completing the package is the most famous Newcastle producer in Mexico right now, Man Power, who takes things back to Sweden and '92 (now I'd like to see what THEY were wearing...! - ed). The original version of "Evanescence", I have to say, still has flavours of that golden period, as a catchy breakbeat is embellished with an emotive male vocal part and gliding synth melodies. Man Power's tribute to the era is somewhat more restrained, driven by that dreamy melody but with a clean, unlettered groove section.

After rising to the top of the international hitlist with a slew of retro-ist house bangers, innovative dance floor edits and disco-tinged groovers, Sweden's HNNY took us all by surprise with the cinematic scope, musical depth and warm textures of his dreamy downbeat LP "Sunday". Never afraid to switch things up in his search for artistic expression, the producer returns with a brand new long player boasting woozy electronica, subtle glitches and gorgeous ambience. Triumphantly horizontal, "Ta Paus" takes it slow and steady, wrapping us in delicate textures and creating the perfect home listening experience. Fans of early Four Tet, Lali Puna and Múm will love this! Wrapped in gorgeous artwork by Rickard Eklund, this latest Omena LP is the complete package. 


Sil says: Continuing his artistic evolution, HNNY leaves the bumpin' NY House of his early days in the rear-view mirror to treat us to a dreamy and delicate set of mellow electronica. 'Ta Paus' is a home listening gem.

Casino Times is the project of producers Joseph Spencer and Nicholas Church - a musical partnership that is rooted in house and techno but with influences that stretch far and wide. After releases on Futureboogie, Permanent Vacation and Wolf, the pair come strong with this label debut for Omena. "System Translator" begins the journey, showing off their duo's penchant for crisp beats, vocodered melodies and dreamy atmospheres. A nice collection of sounds which work in an ethereal and elevating symbiosis. "Keyboard Warrior" recalls elements of Instant House with its lively tribal perc, wobbly leads and deep house rhythms. Growing steadily throughout, the track's inner fire and ferocity burns strong and should keep the true house music flavour alive on any dancefloor it graces. Flip for the glacial and concentric shuffle of "Simulation Bamboo". Like ice skating around a technicoloured, touch sensitive serious of platforms, raindrop arpeggios and phazed strings converge on the track, making for a hallucinatory listen primed for the club. Finally "Man Machine Interface" concludes with a sleazy slo-mo boogie track; perfect for the ALFOS crowd with its jagged industrious beats, dark lead and sci-fi-aligned aesthetic. Excellent stuff! 


Matt says: Casino Times bringing a classy, restrained but undeniably space-aligned theme to the dance. Four tracks that smother the listener in a luscious synthetic blanket.

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