To The Forest To Live A Truer Life

Image of YoshimiOizumikiYoshiduO - To The Forest To Live A Truer Life
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Thrill Jockey

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‘To The Forest To Live A Truer Life’ is a deluxe LP with fully artworked custom design inner sleeve. All copies come with a poster insert designed by YoshimiO. Jacket design by lauded Japanese designer Ooido Syoujou.

YoshimiOizumikiYoshiduO is comprised of YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO) and modular synthesist izumikiYoshi.

YoshimiO uses the piano as her primary instrument here for the first time, alongside her singular voice. Her every move is bent, stretched, and mutated by IzumikiYoshi’s modular synthesizer into cascades of brightly colored waves and dotted constellations of sound.

YoshimiO, previously known as Yoshimi P-We, is a founder and drummer for Japanese rock band Boredoms, vocalist and multiinstrumentalist of OOIOO, and a member of supergroup Free Kitten alongside Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon.

IzumikiYoshi is a highly regarded synthesist, having contributed synthesizer, sampler, and programmed midi instruments on Boredoms classics ‘Vision Creation Newsun’ and ‘Super æ’.

YoshimiO worked as a session player and vocalist on The Flaminig Lips’ acclaimed album, ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’, which was named after her.


1. YofuyO
2. YO Me
3. YoY 7
4. OmimiO
5. YosunnyO
6. Sun19
7. Mini YO
8. Niminya
9. Mull
10. 1.yoO
11. 33yOng

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