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Liturgy transcends the traditional parameters of what constitutes a rock band. Founded by Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix, Liturgy is a part of a shared discipline of composition, art, and philosophy that thrives on exploring the spaces between.

Liturgy’s signature use of rhythmic complexity and repetition are exponentially amplified to maximalist proportions on ‘93696’ ‘93696’ was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio and mixed by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets. Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix has remained at the vanguard of New York’s art world, composing music for art installations, as well as developing her own, and taking part in, guest lectures and producing her own philosophical lecture series, as well as a film in November 2020 tied to Liturgy’s fifth studio album.

Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix and Liturgy have been featured as the artist in-residence at New York City’s Issue Project Room several times, recently debuting ‘93696’’s title track and presenting her opera Origin of the Alimonies. “The band knows its virtues and works them hard: density, repetition,development, perversity, integration, catharsis.” - New York Times

“Liturgy is a unique heavy metal band that takes a cerebral approach to the form without stinting on any of the force that makes it so potent.” - The Wall Street Journal.


1.  Daily Bread
2.  Djennaration
3.  Caela
4.  Angel Of Sovereignty
5.  Haelegen II
6.  Before I Knew The Truth
7.  Angel Of Hierarchy
8.  Red Crown II
9.  Angel Of Emancipation
10.  Ananon
11.  93696
12.  Haelegen II (Reprise)
13.  Angel Of Individuation
14.  Antigone II
15.  Immortal Life II

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