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Nothing Yet - 2023 Reissue

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Surf Curse

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Expanding on the signature surf/garage rock sounds from their debut album Buds, Surf Curse emerge on Nothing Yet retaining the same infectious formula, but with more wisdom and finesse. Trading the angst for self-reflection, and sprinkling in flourishes of synthesizer and other slick production choices, the sophomore album sees the band truly finding their voice as songwriters and instrumentalists. Upbeat tracks like The Strange and the Kind will deliver the same wistful heart pounding choruses Surf Curse fans love, while album closer Falling Apart is new territory for the band. Forgoing drums for a sparse guitar ballad with backing harmonies and haunting synth pads, it’s a hint of the versatility the group would come to display on future projects.


1. Christine F
2. Doom Generation
3. The Strange And The Kind
4. It Followed Me
5. Cronenberg
6. Sleeping
7. Nostalgia
8. All Is Lost
9. Falling Apart

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