Killing Joke

XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey - 2023 Reissue

Image of Killing Joke - XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey - 2023 ReissueImage of Killing Joke - XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey - 2023 Reissue
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Record Label
Cooking Vinyl Limited

About this item

Killing Joke, the iconic post-punk band known for their dark and influential sound, re-issue a vinyl & CD format of their live album “XXV Gathering!” Originally released in 2005, the album captures the raw energy and intensity of Killing Joke’s live performances. The re-issue features photos by Tony Woolliscroft and liner notes by Jaz Coleman, and is pressed on yellow and orange coloured vinyl.

Including classics ’Wardance’,’Requiem’ and ‘Love Like Blood' this limited edition release is a must-have for fans of Killing Joke and collectors of classic post-punk and alternative rock. “XXV Gathering!” was recorded during Killing Joke’s 25th anniversary celebration, which saw the band perform a series of sold-out shows across Europe. Formed in London in 1979, Killing Joke is considered one of the most influential post-punk bands of all time. With their dark, brooding sound and powerful lyrics, the band has inspired countless musicians and continues to be a major influence in the alternative music scene.


1. Communion
2. Wardance
3. Song And Dance
4. Primitive
1. Total Invasion
2. Blood Sport
3. Requiem
4. Asteroid
1. The Wait
2. Pssyche
3. The Pandys Are Coming
4. Sun Goes Down
1. Are You Receiving?
2. Love Like Blood
3. Pandemonium

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