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London Brew

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London Brew is a reimagining of Miles Davis’ legendary album Bitches Brew. Produced by Martin Terefe and Downtown Music UK Limited, the record reflects an emotional journey of the times, having been recorded during the pandemic after many months of isolation and the inability to collaborate in person. Recorded in December 2020 at Church Studios in London, the recording session brings together UK jazz artists, Nubya Garcia, Shabaka Hutchings, Theon Cross, Dave Okumu, Benji B, Tom Skinner and more. Producer Martin Terefe describes, “Sometimes the music is uncomfortable, other times it's familiar and joyous and other times it's like deep meditation.”

Dave Okumu: Guitar
Martin Terefe: Guitar, Electronics
Nubya Garcia: Tenor Sax, Flute
Benji B: Decks, sonic feed and re-cycling
Dan See: Drums, Percussion
Nick Ramm: Piano, Synthesizers
Nikolaj Torp Larsen: Synthesizers, Melodica
Raven Bush: Violin, Electronics
Shabaka Hutchings: Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Kalimba
Theon Cross: Tuba
Tom Herbert: Electric bass, Double Bass
Tom Skinner: Drums, Percussion


Martin says: An absolutely killer lineup of the big names in the burgeoning London Jazz scene, all coming together to forge an LP that's inspired by the great Miles Davis. 'London Brew' is as dense and multi-faceted as you'd expect, with terrifyingly heavy moments breaking into airy flickering lounge grooves and all done with immeasurable skill and panache. A fine example of how talented the pool is of new-jazz pioneers.


1. London Brew
2. London Brew Pt2
3. Miles Chases New Voodoo In The Church
4. Nu Sha Ni Sha Nu Oss Ra
5. It’s One Of These
6. Bassics
7. Mor Ning Prayers
8. Raven Flies Low 

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