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Beautiful Young Generation

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Based on original 1967 BYG sampler. 

BYG were a pioneering independant record company, one of the first labels to actively promote diversity and support black African-American musicians and multi-cultural artists worldwide during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Beginning in March 2022, BYG will reissue their now rare and collectable original albums. Newly remastered from the original BYG tapes, each album will be released on LP facsimile-edition & CD with exclusive sleeve notes by Kevin Le Gendre and John Masouri, in high-definition digital audio, downloads and streaming formats. “BYG were passionate in supporting diversity, against prejudice and narrow-mindedness so I am proud we fought for all our artists and their music, no matter what they were, who they were or where they were from [...] This sampler is a testament to their creativity...” Jean-Luc Young, 2021.


1. Alice - Le Nouveau Monde
2. Areski & Brigitte Fontaine - Ragilia
3. Gong - Change The World
4. Aynsley Dunbar - Willing To Fight
5. Coeur Magique - Le Cocotier (Part 2)
6. Daevid Allen - Time Of Your Life
1. Sun Ra And His Solar-Myth Arkestra - Ancient Ethiopia
2. Aart Ensmble Of Chicago - Dexterity
3. Don Cherry - Terrestrial Beings
4. Archie Shepp - Blasé

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