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Beat Happening - 2022 Reissue

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Here’s where it all began…This expanded double LP version of the “first album” thoroughly (though not completely) documents Beat Happening’s first four years of recorded history.


A1. Foggy Eyes
A2. Bad Seeds
A3. I Let Him Get To Me
A4. I Spy
A5. Run Down The Stairs
A6. In Love With You Thing
A7. I Love You
A8. Down At The Sea
A9. Our Secret
A10. What’s Important
A11. Fourteen
A12. Bad Seeds (live)
B1. Run Down The Stairs
B2. In My Memory
B3. Honey Pot
B4. The Fall
B5. Youth
B6. Don’t Mix The Colors
B7. Christmas
B8. Fourteen
B9. Let’s Kiss
B10. 1, 2, 3
B11. Look Around
B12. I Love You (demo)

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