Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes

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Chess Club

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Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes is Pixey’s first longer form project since the glittering Sunshine State EP arrived in October 2021, which had followed her hugely acclaimed early-2021 debut EP for Chess Club, Free To Live In Colour.

Commenting on the mini-album, Pixey says: “Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes is my biggest release to date. The majority of the record was written, recorded and produced by myself in my bedroom, alongside a couple of studio tracks. Genre bending was something I wanted to experiment with, tailoring to the moods of each song but still keeping to the core big beat elements. I wanted to write a record that kept a sunny sound but was more anxious lyrically. More than anything, I want the listener to feel like they can dip into an alternate world for a while, whether it’s comforting or not”


1. Recycled Paper Planes
2. Come Around (Sunny Day)
3. I'm Just High
4. Kids!
5. Melody (From You To Me)
6. So, Just Smile
7. Treat Me Right
8. In My House

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