Terence Fixmer

Shifting Signals

Image of Terence Fixmer - Shifting Signals

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Although Terence’s beginnings were in the pre-techno EBM world, he became one of the innovators of techno with his very specific and unique style, and in the following decades his career has evolved to include collaborations with Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy. Shifting Signals is Terence’s debut for Mute, and is an advanced experimental techno record with dark and hypnotic shadings.


A1 Reset
A2 Corne De Brume
A3 Automaton
B1 Step To The Edge
B2 Roar Machines
B3 The Passage
C1 No Latitude For Errors
C2 The Way I See You
C3 Matière Noire
D1 Oracle
D2 Synthetic Mind
D3 Desertic

1 Matière Noire
2 Synthetic Mind
3 Corne De Brume
4 No Latitude For Errors
5 Automaton
6 Reset
7 Roar Machines
8 Oracle
9 The Passage
10 The Way I See You
11 Step To The Edge
12 Desertic

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