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"You Know You're Right" was the last song Nirvana recorded and whilst it's far from their best (see: other 13 tracks) it shows just how great they really were. How so? Because it's simply got IT, the 'X' factor, the magic, secret ingredient. All those ensuing years of imitators, all slain in three minutes of glory.You simply believe him, and believe in him.  Yep: 4 Real! Tight but loose, raw and powerful, you know the script. You need to own that song and this is the only place to get it. If you are young or they passed you by before - here's 14 catchy, noisy, perfect songs by one of the greatest bands ever.


1. You Know You're Right
2. About A Girl
3. Been A Son
4. Sliver
5. Smells Like Teen Spirit
6. Come As You Are
7. Lithium
8. In Bloom
9. Heart - Shaped Box
10. Pennyroyal Tea
11. Rape Me
12. Dumb
13. All Apologies
14. The Man Who Sold The World

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