Plankton Wat

Hidden Path

Image of Plankton Wat - Hidden Path
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Thrill Jockey

About this item

The music of Dewey Mahood is steadfast in its pursuit of transcendence.

For the past two decades as Plankton Wat, Mahood has contoured his melodic guitar playing into wholly transfiguring pieces.

His fluid compositions apply ethereal, elastic textures to grounded rhythmic grooves that recall the cosmic and the earthly in equal measure.

‘Hidden Path’ is an album built on reflection and discovery, turning the thrill of exploring obscured passages into inward revelations.

Originally presented as a limited cassette in 2017, and now presented on vinyl for the first time, remastered by Amy Dragon, ‘Hidden Path’ is a distillation of Mahood’s musical practice as a way of life, a patient celebration of the unexpected, unhurried and exhilarating.


The Inward Reflection
Dream Cascade
A Window In The Mirror
Hidden Path
The Everflowing Stream
Solitude Amongst The Trees
Fields Of Remembrance

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