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Comprised of Betamax and fellow Comet is Coming member Danalogue, Soccer96 is a new project of spiritual combat music to steady us through the stormy changes of the outer world. Co-written with a wealth of modern talent (The Colours That Rise, Tom Herbert, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Simbad and Rozi Plain), it's an exhilarating sugar rush of electricity and rhythm. Spontaneously combustible and channeling a kind of aggressive alchemy between man, machine and instrument: it captures the spirituality of jazz and the progressive nature of electronica whilst never comfortably sitting in either genre for too long.

The hybridization between jazz and electronica recalls acts like Flying Lotus, Squarepusher and Autechre; with the kinda hypercoloured sparkle of Hudson Mohawk or ED DMX's more out-there productions. It's urgent, it's fresh, it's ambitious; it's now!


1 Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
2 Speak More Of Love
3 Crystal Pyramid
4 Yesterday Knows Me
5 Adrenaline
6 Underwater Cities
7 Gatekeepers
8 Triple Helix

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