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In most any Dungeons & Dragons adventure worth completing, the hero must come face-to-face with themselves in some form - a cursed, mystical mirror that reveals all that our hero is and is not; a reflection in some Blood River that displays for our hero the monster they have become; a doppelganger that reveals how much our hero has changed since the beginning of the adventure.

So, as their year-long 25th Anniversary campaign enters its final chapter, Jagjaguwar must also confront their former self. They’re going all the way back to the basement of the sushi joint in Charlottesville; all the way back to when they were just a haphazardly made zine; all the way back to the original mantra which served at Jagjaguwar’s early guiding force. The Sentimental Noise echoing through the caverns of self-discovery is tender and deafening.

The label have uncovered new and unreleased work from some of their earliest friends like Drunk, Manishevitz and Bevel. They’ve called upon necromancers like Norway’s Jenny Hval, Jagjaguwar legends Wilderness and Bloomington post-rock heroes Tammar. Mysterious noise mongers like Canada’s Wold and Oslo’s Some Nerve have delivered on their promise to absolutely split skulls open. There are two loving tributes to Patron Saint of Jagjaguwar John Prine. And they have unearthed two songs from Atsushi Miura, who once upon a time allowed founder Darius Van Arman to book shows in the basement of the sushi restaurant he ran. He dedicates one song to Darius and in the other, humorously lambasts the college town he called home for all those years. Today Jagjaguwar dies; tomorrow Jagjaguwar is reborn.


Atsushi Miura - I Love You (Live At Tokyo Rose)
Jenny Hval - The Cool, Cool River
Wilderness - Night Sky
Oneida - Smokes
Tim Darcy - Unprecision
Blacks’ Myths - Free Man
Drunk - Waltz As Antidote
Tammar - All’s Well That Ends
Briana Marela - Forever Broken Hearted
Zodiac Lovers - Why You Hang Around
Some Nerve - Tvil
Wilderness - Tomorrow
Bevel - Blue Umbrella
Manishevitz - All Mellow People
Spokane - Useless Things Are Best
Wold/Fauchion - Beryl Blade Reddening
Atsushi Miura - I Hate Charlottesville

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