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Aesop and Blockhead have never done a full album together, until now. “Garbology” came together over the course of the pandemic during stagnent periods for both – a dry creative period with neither really having any focus – so Blockhead started sending Aesop some beats for him to write over; with no real expectation, direction or end goal in sight, their creative juices began to flow naturally once more…

“Garbology” encapsulates much of the claustrophobic tension of of current times, capturing a snapshot of Aesop and Blockhead expressing a means of entertaining themselves the midst of a major global crisis.

Blockhead’s thick, atmospheric street beats compliment Aesop’s unique, quick-fire flow perfectly. Almost instantly transporting you under railway bridges, to underground subway stations, crumbling corner shops and abandoned waste grounds. If you’ve obsessed over the gritty cinematography of Detroit, Baltimore, Gary and other forgotten industrialized areas of the US (the label is based in Minneapolis); then this dark, isolated and wrought piece is the perfect soundtrack. Lyrically it’s poignant and tight, Aesop’s storytelling able to evoke thoughts, feelings and memories that the listener may not have experienced first hand but can completely sympathize with through the duo’s honest and authentic presentation. Possibly my favourite release from Aesop Rock and a brilliant showcase of Blockhead’s beats – which are unlike any other available in the market! 10 outta 10 all around – top of the class for these two.


1. The Only Picture
2. Jazz Hands
3. Wolf Piss
4. Legerdemain
5. Difficult
6. All The Smartest People
7. Oh Fudge
8. More Cycles
9. Flamingo Pink
10. All Day Breakfast(feat. Homeboy Sandman)
11. Fizz
12. That Is Not A Wizard
13. The Sea
14. Abandoned Malls

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