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His influences are broad, yet tied together by a strong desire to share his story and spark emotion in the listener. In his hometown he experienced the peak of UK garage and jungle/drum’n’bass. From his early forays into music, playing guitar, to his recent incarnation as Model Man, Mark has always drawn on his eclectic tastes to transmit a range of different feelings.

His debut self-titled album traverses a variety of UK-influenced sounds imbued with Model Man’s classical training and his eclectic tastes from Steve Reich to Todd Edwards and Bill Withers; piano keys dancing alongside 2-step beats, jungle breaks slamming down as wistful melodies drift overhead.


Don’t Cry Feat. Hamzaa
Sweet Surrender
ESC (Holding Back Feat. Rationale)
Hurt Feat. Arctic Lake
Wait Till Tonight
Take Me There
Distant Memory
Impromptu No1 (Apogee)

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