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Mr Maserati - Best Of Baxter Dury 2001 - 2021

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Mr Maserati showcases two decades of Baxter Dury’s idiosyncratically louche music, a universe of late-night London meet-ups, shuffling basslines and comedown disco tunes, all run through with a wry bleakness and sweet love of humanity. Mr Maserati collects tracks from across Dury’s six albums, plus a new song D.O.A.

Baxter Dury on new track: “It’s a kind of provincial nod to the music I got into during lockdown because my son Kosmo was playing it – Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar. I became obsessed. They’re embracing everything – sexuality, politics, all of it – and I find that inspiring”


Barry says: Not a week goes by where we don't get asked for a Baxter Dury record so it's with some relief that I see this collection is finally hitting the shelves. Some of the greatest riffs, most distinctive vocals and beautifully rich songwriting make Dury and this collection in particular a no-brainer.


Side A:
1 Miami
2 I'm Not Your Dog
3 Leak At The Disco
4 Cocaine Man
5 Palm Trees
6 Oi
Side B:
1 Oscar Brown
2 Claire
3 Other Men's Girls
4 Carla's Got A Boyfriend
5 Prince Of Tears
6 D.O.A.

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