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Let The Festivities Begin!

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Panthers prowling through a desert. Cowgirls swaggering into a saloon and kicking up dust. Riding shotgun with a Tarantino heroine. Having the fiesta of your lives under a giant piñata with all your friends. Los Bitchos’ hallucinatory surf-exotica is as evocative as it is playful: the London-based pan-continental group could well be your new favourite party band with their instrumental voyages that are the soundtrack to setting alight to a row of flaming sambucas and losing yourself to the night. They’ve got a bun-tight knack for a groove – and they’ve got the best fringes in rock’n’roll too.

Serra Petale (guitar), Agustina Ruiz (keytar), Josefine Jonsson (bass) and Nic Crawshaw (drums) hail from different parts of the world but met via all-night house parties, or through friends, in London. Their unique sound binds them together, though, taking in a retrofuturistic blend of Peruvian chicha, Argentine cumbia, Turkish psych and surf guitars. They are London’s answer to Khruangbin, if Khruangbin spent all weekend getting slammed on cheap tequila in a Dalston dive bar.


Liam says: Even though it was one of the earlier releases of the year, we've still been slamming this one here at Piccadilly. For fans of Khruangbin and psychedelic groovy goodness, Los Bitchos' "Let The Festivities Begin!" is the soundtrack to the coolest party in the world and probably the most fun you'll have with a record this year!


Side A:
1. The Link Is About To Die
2. I Enjoy It
3. Pista (Fresh Start)
4. FFS
5. Tropico

Side B:
6. Las Panteras
7. Good To Go!
8. Change Of Heart
9. Tripping At A Party
10. Try The Circle!
11. Lindsay Goes To Mykonos

Flexi Bonus Disc:
A1: Los Chrismos
B1: Tipp Tapp

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