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Flexi is a record store and music label based in Italy and run by Simone and Lorenzo. Over the years, Flexi have gained both the respect and recognition of the music scene, earned by almost forty years of experience in the world of music and with the support of many DJs, artists and fans

Finally the camp return with a new 12" in the “Velvet Series”. Featuring six acts that are completely new to me (bonus) and seemingly representing the best new primtive house, atmospheric techno and moody electro that Europe has to offer.

The A side opening is by Bologna-based Brine, with “YR Body”, providing a wobbly Juno bassline and catchy HOUSE vox; nicely shuffled for extra wiggle. Then we have “Benerice" from Daughters and Sons (aka Luca Fronza) who throws us into a beautiful, Detroit-inspired analog jam rich with synth work and interesting;y programmed snare & hi-hat patterns.

Sicily man Manuold is up next with an amazingly stylish take on the Italo-house blueprint which reminds oneself of finding a lesser known but incredibly tasty vintage Barolo - yum yum!

On the B side, welcome back the veterans Tengrams (formerly the Piatto brothers from N.O.I.A Records) with the outstanding "Rapid Eye Movement" which traverses across retro-futurist influences and 808 patterns under a dystopian-sci-fi movie theme - wild!

"Dreaming Pad" is by the Calma duo who play with a few elements to build a neverending, slow-techno climax...did you recognise the sample?

The last track is a sort of relaxing downtempo sunset closure complete with bells, from the California producer Gloved Hands, whose relaxed composier and super chilled demenia are the perfect tonic to unwind with after dancing the whole night under the stars.


Matt says:


A1. Brine - Yr Body
A2. Daughters & Sons - Benerice (feat. Miss Daisy)
A3. Manuold - Acid Puff
B1. Tengrams - Rapid Eye Movement
B2. Calma - Dreaming Pad
B3. Gloved Hands Rice Cracker

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