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Gaz's Rockin Blues - 40th Anniversary Special

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Stag-O-Lee is proud to continue the DJ-Set Series with a compilation by cult DJ and master of few compilations Gaz Mayall. As a tasty contribution to your vinyl LP collection, this double album explores four avenues that reflect aspects of Gaz's Rockin' Blues club. As Gaz “Founded July 3rd 1980, now celebrating 40 years of fun and dancing at London's Number One Blues dance. Originally at Gossips in the basement of 69 Dean Street, with it's entrance on Meard St., the cobbled alley that links it with Wardour Street in the heart of Soho, traditionally the hub of clubland and red light district in London's West End. After djing & presenting bands there for over 14 years I moved the regular Thursday club night round the corner to St. Moritz,159 Wardour Street. Another great Soho basement dive with a huge history.

The choice of music in this particular selection contains two fundamental styles of Rhythm and Blues oriented boogie music that influenced the world. The post war era of black dance music was driven by R&B that was the inspiration for the Rock`n´Roll of the 1950's. Here you have a hard core Slice of Black Rock & Roll, a side of rockin' early 50's R&B, it's precursor on one platter. On the next disc you'll hear a bunch of moving, exciting and at times frenzied 50’s Gospel. The idiom where most R&B and black Rock`n´Roll and Soul stars learned their art and cut their teeth. I was asked for this project to choose a bunch of Jamaican tunes to illustrate the role Jamaica's music has played in influencing the style and direction of Gaz's Rockin' Blues.

These tracks are drawn from the very earliest days, at the inception of Ska in the late 50’s when JA artists, having fell in love with US R&B, created their own take on it. I hope you enjoy this album for many years to come. Treasure it as I and all at Gaz’s Rockin Blues have treasured these tracks. 40 years and still going strong!” Gaz Mayall


Side A/Rock`n´Roll
1. Little Richard - Long Tall Sally
2. Cledus Harrison - Rock And Roll In The Groove
3. Screamin' Joe Neal - Rock And Roll Deacon
4. Pretty Boy - Bip Bop Bip
5. Jackie Brenston - My Real Gone Rocket
6. Dave Bartholomew - Can't Take It No More
7. James Brown - Chonnie-On-Chon

Side B/Rhythm & Blues
1. Lowell Fulson - Don't Drive Me Baby
2. Jimmy Witherspoon - Don't Ever Move A Woman Into Your House
3. Brownie McGhee - I'm 10,000 Years Old
4. Clarence Gatemouth Brown - You Got Money
5. Bob Gaddy - Slow Down Baby
6. Floyd Dixon - Hey, Bartender
7. Sonny Knight - But Officer

Side C/Gospel
1. The Flying Clouds - I've Got A Right To The Tree Of Life
2. Sensational Nightingales - To The End
3. The Pilgrim Travelers - Hold On
4. The Gospel Clefs - By The Waters Of Babylon
5. Brother Joe May - It Doesn't Cost Very Much
6. Bessie Griffin - More Like Jesus
7. Archie Brownlee - In The Wilderness

Side D/Jamaica
1. Owen Gray - Let Me Go Free
2. Count Ossie Afro Combo - Cassavubu
3. Rico's Combo - Gee's Boogie
4. The Blues Busters - Little Vilma
5. The Moonlighters - I Need Your Love
6. Theophilus Beckford - Now You're Dead
7. Duke Reid And His Group - Pink Lane Shuffle

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