Timeslips & Chimeras

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Temporary Residence Ltd

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Tangents formed in Sydney in 2010 and released their debut album “I” in 2013, a recording of their first ever meeting and live show. Follow-up albums Stateless (2016) and New Bodies (2018), and linked singles and EPs, explored a style of post-produced live improvisation that marked the group’s distinct blend of electronic, jazz, rock and new music-inspired styles. Amidst other international recognition, New Bodies was nominated for the Australian Music Prize in 2018. Their latest release, Timeslips & Chimeras, continues their studio recording journey after a detour into intensive live performance (idiosyncratically captured in a cramped radio studio on the Risk Reaps Reward EP) and a major digital art installation, Spiral, at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. The record continues their relationship with New York label Temporary Residence through the challenges of music production in the Covid-19 era. Tangents are Ollie Bown, Evan Dorrian, Peter Hollo and Adrian Lim-Klumpes. Sia Ahmad is a former member whose work continues through the Timeslips & Chimeras production period.


1. Exaptation (6:49)
2. Vessel (5:59)
3. Old Organs (6:35)
4. Survival (5:38)
5. Debris (6:19)
6. Bylong (8:01)
7. Lilliputian (7:11)
8. Ossicles (6:24)
9. Lost Track (5:14)
10. Timeslip (5:11)

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