Papa M

Hole Of Burning Alms

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A clutch of rare tracks, B-sides and a previously unreleased song from David Pajo aka Aerial M, Papa M or indeed sometimes just 'M'! Influential guitar innovator David Pajo (Slint, Tortoise, Stereolab, Palace Music) presents this collection of rare, hard to find and out of print singles. The very first M 7" single is here: "Safeless" / "Napolean", so is the first M 7" split single side "Vol De Nuit". The Aerial M CD Singles of 97 and 98 "M is…" and "October" are also in evidence. So is the Papa M 1999 Tour Single. An old Christmas card from 2000 is included, a sixteen minute version of The Byrds' "Turn Turn Turn", and a previously unreleased Christmas song, to boot. Plus another fifteen or so minutes of the timeless, eternal sounds of M!


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