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Scuro Chiaro

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"Scuro Chiaro" is the brand new solo album from Alessandro Cortini, following his recent collaboration with Daniel Avery. "Scuro Chiaro" means ‘dark light’, and the new album shares themes with his highly acclaimed previous solo LP, "Volume Massimo". Cortini recently joined the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame as the keyboard player and bass guitarist of Nine Inch Nails, but he's a world away from their grinding industrial funk here, instead shepherding pastoral sequences and spaced out electronics through the four track, encouraging wow and flutter before each track becomes absorbed in a fog of white noise. Essential for fans of ambient, synth and drone - Barry approves!


Barry says: Cortini's last album proper (not including various reissues and remasters) 'Volume Massimo' still hasn't left my heavy rotation pile, and 'Scuro Chiaro' will no doubt get the same reception. Endlessly rich swathes of meticulously crafted analogue synths grooves, all-encompassing ambient washes and Cortini's playful melodic leanings all coalesce into a quintessential outing from one of the masters of the business.


1. Ecco
2. Chiaroscuro
3. Lo Specchio
4. Corri
5. Sempre
6. Verde
7. Nessuno
8. Fiamma

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