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Cabaret Voltaire is Richard H. Kirk and Shadow of Fear was the band’s first studio album in 26 years and was released in 2020 to critical acclaim.

BN9Drone delves deeper into Cabaret Voltaire’s arsenal of “harsh rhythms and threatening detonations” (Classic Pop). A brand new drone album on limited edition double white vinyl, available with high definition audio download.


Barry says: There are few forces in the synth scene more influential than Cabaret Voltaire, and this outing sees Kirk delving into prime drone territory. We get slowly morphing waves of electronic scree, churning sub-bass and shadowy oscillations aplenty. A monolithic triumph from one of the greatest in the 'biz.


LP Tracklist :

A1. Eins
B1. Zwei
C1. Drei
D1. Vier

CD Tracklist :

1. BN9Drone

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