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Only When I'm Dancing

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Joe Moore is full of surprises. Every new release his name is on, whether they are his own projects (The Yearning, The Perfect Kiss, Julie Et Joe) or other people's (Lia Pamina, Cristina Quesada and Maddie Mae), gives us incredible results. Lounge music, soul, girl groups, chamber pop, French pop from the 60s... Diverse styles pass through his hands like an unstoppable song-making machine.

What will the journey be this time? "Only When I'm Dancing", transports us to the golden age of disco music, when the dance floor was full of excitement, melancholy, elegance and majestic arrangements (something that Moore notably excels at).

This time, the change of sound comes with a change in singer. The angelic voice of Maddie Dobie makes way for the elegance of Luci Ashbourne. Her mature, velvety voice is perfect for these sensual songs, many of which are aimed directly at the dance floor. When Joe began working on this new album, he imagined Karen Carpenter singing along with the music of Benny and Björn.

"Never Gonna Let You Go" begins like a tribute to Barry White. "Love Has Taken Hold Of My Heart" has echoes of ABBA. Elsewhere we hear Pet Shop Boys, Bee Gees, Tina Charles and Isaac Hayes. A new album, a new surprise, a new pleasure.


1.Never Gonna Let You Go
2.Don't Take Me To Heart
3.Only When I'm Dancing
4.Love Has Taken Hold Of My Heart
5.Lend Me Your Love
6.Come To Me
7.Take A Little Look
8.Song Or A Dance
9.Keep Me In Mind
10.Yearning For You

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