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Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles drops the much anticipated new album "Articulation". Named after the lead track and album centerpiece, the album looks back to the analogue fluidity and colour of 2016's "Night Melody". The division of varying time signatures, intertwined with a complex structure of notes, creates an expression of a moving structure and conjures a dreamy motorik energy. Ryan Lee West explains, 'The title track is about articulation and playfulness with shape and time. Its structure is very machine-like, but I was really interested in how melody and sense of story could develop out of this, and it became an exploration of mathematical structures - patterns and shapes having a conversation. I love that something on paper can appear rigid and calculated, but then take on new meaning based on the context that surrounds it, or how it changes over time.'

"Articulation" (which follows 2018’s "Persona") was conceived with a very visual way of thinking, unusual for the London musician and producer. During the writing process Ryan drew structures, shapes and patterns by hand to try and find new ways of thinking about music, giving himself a way to problem-solve away from the computer. The album title references a piece by the avant-garde contemporary composer Györgi Ligeti, though not for its music, but for the non-traditional graphic score that accompanied it.

'I find electronic music is often battling to say something with integrity because technology and production can easily get in the way. I think the goal of a lot of electronic composers is to find a balance between the vision of the idea and the power of possibilities on the computer. With a pen and paper sketch you can compose and rethink ideas without technology getting in the way, so for me it acts as a very helpful tool to refresh the process.' - Ryan Lee West

Since the release of Persona, Ryan Lee West has taken his captivating live A/V set to all corners of the world. Last seen live on stage with 17 players of the London Contemporary Orchestra for a sold-out orchestral performance at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall in January 2020.


Barry says: Ryan West has never been an easy one to pin down stylistically, 2015's Howl was a superb outing, but definitely tread more along the dancefloor IDM route while this newest outing is both a continuation and expansion of Night Melody. Syncopated percussion and rich sequencing pull together into an off-kilter but fully absorbing cascade of reticent melody. Gorgeous once again.


1. Vibrations On A String
2. Forwardism
3. Melodica
4. Articulation
5. Still Here
6. Sudden Awareness Of Now

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