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While the two years between Dots and Loops and Cobra resulted in stagnation, the two years separating Cobra and Sound-Dust find Stereolab deliberately recharging their creative juices, delving deeper into avant-garde composition and '60s swing pop in equal measures. As the album opens with the minimal "Black Ants in Sound-Dust," it's evident that the group has restructured and pushed forward, even if it means that they're adhering to their time-honored tradition of expanding their trademark sound with new arrangements and influences.

Remastered from original tapes with bonus disc of out-of-print tracks from the album sessions. Co-released by band’s own label Duophonic UHF Disks and Warp Records.


A1. Black Ants In Sound-Dust
A2. Space Moth
A3. Captain Easychord
B1. Baby Lulu
B2. The Black Arts
B3. Hallucinex
C1. Double Rocker
C2. Gus The Mynah Bird
C3. Naught More Terrific Than Man
D1. Nothing To Do With Me
D2. Suggestion Diabolique
D3. Les Bons Bons Des Raisons
E1. Black Ants Demo
E2. Spacemoth Intro Demo
E3. Spacemoth Demo
E4. Baby Lulu Demo
E5. Hallucinex Pt 1 Demo
E6. Hallucinex Pt 2 Demo
E7. Long Live Love Demo
E8. Les Bon Bons Des Raisons Demo

Side F Has Is Etched With The Album Artwork And Contains No Audio

Disc 1
01. Black Ants In Sound-Dust
02. Space Moth
03. Captain Easychord
04. Baby Lulu
05. The Black Arts
06. Hallucinex
07. Double Rocker
08. Gus The Mynah Bird
09. Naught More Terrific Than Man
10. Nothing To Do With Me
11. Suggestion Diabolique
12. Les Bons Bons Des Raisons

Disc 2
01. Black Ants Demo
02. Spacemoth Intro Demo
03. Spacemoth Demo
04. Baby Lulu Demo
05. Hallucinex Pt 1 Demo
06. Hallucinex Pt 2 Demo
07. Long Live Love Demo
08. Les Bon Bons Des Raisons Demo

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