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Run Around The Sun

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Run Around The Sun is the follow-up to Strike A Match, Sacred Paws' SAY Award winning debut. It includes the previously shared ‘Brush Your Hair’, an infectiously fun listen. The album will appeal to fans of their previous work plus fans of Shopping, Girl Ray and Aldous Harding.


Barry says: In keeping with their superb LP from 2017, Sacred Paws have crafted a brilliantly nuanced but hugely listenable combination of jangling indie-pop, driven post-rock atmospherics and angular punky attitude. Completely brilliant, once again.


1 The Conversation
2 Almost It
3 Life's Too Short
4 Shame On Me
5 What's So Wrong
6 How Far
7 Is This Real
8 Write This Down
9 Brush Your Hair
10 Other Side

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