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Losing Touch With My Mind - Psychedelia In Britain 1985-1990

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Cherry Red

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Sixty of the finest scene hits, lesser known deep cuts, obscurities and underexposed nuggets. Includes introductory essay, track-by-track sleevenotes and ‘I was there’ memoir from Hugh Dellar. A must-see, must-hear, must—have set from the same team who brought you “Scared To Get Happy”, “Another Splash Of Colour”, “Still In A Dream”, “Revolutionary Spirit”, “Close To The Noise Floor”, “Just A Bad Dream” and countless other hugely successful deep excavation box sets. It’s here! A fitting sequel to 2016’s critically acclaimed “Another Splash Of Colour!”. A startling collection charting the C86 generation’s brazen raid on the second half of the Sixties, from their fashion sense to their music to their drugs of choice.

Taking The Velvets, The Doors, The Byrds and a plethora of psych originals found on the ‘Nuggets’ and ‘Pebbles’ compilations as inspiration, the latter half of the 1980s saw bands across the UK replace their angular post-punk sound with a gentler, weirder direction, fusing jangly guitars and bowl haircuts, paisley heavy wardrobes and the remnants of the glam, goth and garage revival scenes with a new positivity and enlightenment offered by the ecstasy and LSD that began to reach every suburb and estate in the land. Festivals, alternative lifestyles and neo-hippydom, raves, fashion and an encyclopaedic knowledge of 1960s recordings came together, for a brief time, in a blissed out, fuzzy replica of the late 1960s, re-imagined by a generation with little else to play for. From the ‘shoegaze’ movement to ‘Madchester’, the Mods to the out and out revivalists and beyond, all of these disparate but intertwined scenes collide in wonderful harmony again on “Losing Touch With My Mind”. Packed full of rarities and collectibles, ‘Losing Touch With My Mind’ will appeal to fans of ‘80s Psychedelia, Mod Revival, Indie, the Madchester and shoegaze scenes and, of course, the ‘60s outfits who inspired so many of these artists.


Disc One:
1. Don’t Stop – The Stone Roses
2. Spacemen 3 Losing Touch With My Mind (Demo) – Spacemen 3
3. Mind Train – The Modern Art
4. Mother Sleep – 14 Iced Bears
5. Myra – Red Chair Fadeaway
6. Five Minutes In The Life Of Greenwood Goulding – Biff Bang Pow!
7. I Remember A Day – The Stairs
8. In From The Cold – The Prisoners
9. Everso – The Telescopes
10.Psych Out – The Seers
11.You Can Be My L-S-D – Magic Mushroom Band
12.Smokey Ice-Cream – The Honey Smugglers
13.Colliding Minds – The Sugar Battle
14.Albert Parker – Gol Gappas
15.Days Go Slowly By – The Thanes
16.In The Opium Den – Paul Roland
17.We Dig Your Earth – The Moonflowers
18.Justice In Freedom (12″ Version) – Thee Hypnotics

Disc Two:
1. Exploding In Your Mind (Colour Mix) – Sun Dial
2. Please Don’t Sandblast My House – One Thousand Violins
3. Lady Waters And The Hooded One – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
4. Imperial – Primal Scream
5. Income Tax – Barbel
6. Way The World Is – The Pale Saints
7. A Morning Odyssey – The Sea Urchins
8. Aldous – Boo Radleys
9. (At The) End Of The Corridor – Rosemary’s Children
10.Found Love – The Darkside 11.Workshop Of My Mind – The Glass Keys
12.Princess Coldheart – Legendary Pink Dots
13.Tumble And Fall – The Bachelor Pad
14.Burning Skulls Rise – Jeremy Gluck
15.The Last Mile – Sleepeaters
16.Darkside – Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters
17.Another Hazy Day On The Lazy “A” – Wolfhounds
18.Christopher Mayhew Says – The Shamen
19.The Dune Buggy Attack Battalion – The Revolving Paint Dream

Disc Three:
1. Opportunity – The Charlatans
2. Exploding Heads And Teapots (Past Their Prime) – Captain Sensible
3. I Dream In Black And White – The Tryp
4. Empty Sea (Live) – The Sneetches
5. Staring At The Sun – Ultra Vivid Scene
6. Save My Soul – The Aardvarks
7. You Took Me By Surprise – The Dentists
8. Smash Hit Wonder The King Of Luxembourg
9. 26 – Inspiral Carpets
10.Freak Outburst – Something Pretty Beautiful
11.Shake The Mind – C Cat Trance
12.Victoria Grey – Cleaners From Venus
13.Ocean Blue – The Primitives
14.Living Colours – The Black Atlas
15.When The Time Comes – Mood Six
16.Another Scene (In Black And White) – Time Machine
17.Happy In My Mind – The Jetset
18.Oranges And Lemons (Scream Quietly Mix) – The Times
19.What Is In Your Mind? – Blow-Up
20.Parade – Jane From Occupied Europe
21.I’m Alive – Prime Movers
22.Look To The Sun – Sleep Creature And The Vampires
23.Tv Cabbage – Gaye Bykers On Acid

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