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Nick Waterhouse

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Innovative Leisure

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Nick Waterhouse returns with a new self-titled album: a true powerhouse of a record filled with his distinct California surf-rock infused swaggering soul. The songs are personal, intimate, and direct. Brisk, self-contained and catchy as hell, producer Paul Butler (Michael Kiwanuka, Devendra Banhart) has helped to distill the ‘Waterhouse Sound’ to deliver a rich, raw, brawny, muscular album that’s heavier and more confrontational than anything Nick has made before, yet malleable enough for listeners to suffuse their own life stories into the mix.


1. By Heart
2. Song For Winners
3. I Feel An Urge Coming On
4. Undedicated
5. Black Glass
6. Wreck The Rod
7. Which Was Writ
8. Man Leaves Town
9. Thought & Act
10. El Viv
11. Wherever She Goes (She Is Wanted)

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