Nick Waterhouse

LA Turnaround B/w I Cry

Image of Nick Waterhouse - LA Turnaround B/w I Cry
Record Label
Innovative Leisure

About this item

As Mother Jones recently put it: "Nick Waterhouse embodies effortless hipster cool. On this vibrant third album, the California soul shouter does his usual thing with grand flair, drawing heavily from early-'60s R&B, among other groovy sources, yet never sounding like a nostalgia act. Swinging from first note to last, Waterhouse combines swaggering but good-natured vocals, tough beats, often with a Latin tinge, soul-jazz embellishments such as Hammond organ, and rousing, gospel-influenced tunes that would make Ray Charles smile." LA Turnaround is the third single from the third album and pressed on wax with the previously unreleased duet called I Cry.

45 release only - Includes previously unreleased 'I Cry' - Limited to 500 copies worldwide.


Laura says: Another classy soul infused single from Nick. If you knew nothing about him, you'd swear this was recorded in a garage somewhere in the mid 60s rather than in 2017!

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