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Meadow Lane Park

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"Meadow Lane Park" is the first full-length album from the French quintet Le Superhomard and immediately, from the cover to the song titles, shows us its bucolic vision. Just put on opening song, "In The Park", and we can see that the landscapes they show us are injected with acid, flooded with stardust, with lysergic caresses, sweet and pleasant. Under the play of the synthesizers, under the psychedelic-style muted bases, strings and guitars aimed at lounge, they create an irresistible atmosphere.

Le SuperHomard's electronic pop naturally resonates with a classic French pop references including those of spiritual fathers of the electro-pop genre, Stereolab and Medhi Zannad.

The groovy electronics, the oddly meandering vocals, the elaborately gorgeous production, the super mellow acoustic guitars and simple syncopated beats, the psychedelic feeling, it's all here: It's like feeling dappled sunlight on your face as you relax.


1.In The Park
3.Door After Door
4.Paper Girl
7.Meadow Lane Park
8.Elephant In The Room
10.Black Diamond
12.Back To Meadow Lane

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