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The Hoochie Koo - Volume 1

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This is the first volume in the Hoochie Koo series. The soundtrack to Berlin's best club night! Limited edition of 700 copies.

It's Saturday night in Berlin and the Hoochie Krew is stirring it up. DJ Don Rogall surveys the crowd, takes a sip of beer, and slides a 10" screamer onto the deck. As the scruffy yowl of a guitar unites with an insistent upbeat, a man in a beret shouts into a mic, speaking in tongues, transported, "Wobedoowop! Do the Camel Twist!" Go-go girls in leopard print bikinis undulate to the wail of a sax. A sultry showgirl appears like a mirage and peels off a crystal-crusted glove to whistles and whoops. It's a juke joint, a barrel house, an alternate time and dimension, with the whole room flailing in giddy unison, spirited into that raw, earthy, elemental rhythm. That is the Hoochie Koo. 


Side 1.
1. The Satintones - Foot Stompin’ Time
2. Clem Sacco - Oh Mama, Voglio L’ouvo Alla Coque
3. The Coasters - Wild One
4. The Sherwoods - Monkey See, Monkey Do
5. Hoochie Krew - Mr. Hoochie Koo

Side 2.
1. Hoochie Krew - Wobedoowop
2. Hoochie Krew - Chaingang Boogie
3. Roger King Mozian - Desert Dance Twist
4. The Latins - Habibi Twist
5. Robot - Metamorphosis

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