Switched On

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Remastered edition of a compilation of Stereolab’s first three singles, first issued in 1992.

Although Switched On is much more guitar driven than some of their later releases, it still employs the same Krautrock grooves and bubbling analogue synths, and of course Laetitia Sadier’s cooler than cool vocals are ever present.


Side A
A1. Super Electric - 5:22
A2. Doubt - 3:26
A3. Au Grand Jour’ - 3:27
A4. The Way Will Be Opening - 4:07
A5. Brittle - 3:47

Side B
B1. Contact - 8:17
B2. Au Grand Jour - 3:40
B3. High Expectation - 3:32
B4. The Light That Will Cease To Fail - 3:23
B5. Changer - 4:53

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