Lee Perry Vs Bunny Striker Lee

Dub Soundclash

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Jamaican Recordings

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What two great producers other then Lee Perry and Bunny Lee would be best suited for a Dub Soundclash. Both producers were integral at the birth of Dub music and would share many rhythms and sessions, their musical paths would cross all through their careers.

It was in fact Bunny Lee’s rhythm that provided the back drop to Lee Perry’s ‘Shocks of Mighty cut. Jobs were passed from one to the other, Bunny Lee taking over Lee Perry’s position at Wirl records. Yes two producers whose paths always seemed to cross as it does with this release.

We have selected some of Lee Perry’s rhythms, side one of this set, against some Bunny Lee rhythm on side two.You can hear the distinctive sound of Lee Perry’s Black Ark studio with his echo-plex giving his trademark whirling sound against Bunny Lee’s rhythms cut at many different studios. The winner of the Soundclash? We will leave that decision up to you the listener…..

But in this Dub session there is no loser…



Track 1 WAR INNA DUB Source:war Inna Babylon Rhythm
Track 2 VAMPIRE DUB Source:vampire Rhythm
Track 3 CURLY DUB Source:curly Locks Rhythm
Track 4 WORDS DUB Source:words Rhythm
Track 5 JUDGEMENT DUB Source:judgement Day Rhythm
Track 6 PRAISING DUB DUB Source:thanks And Praise Rhythm
Track 7 FIXING DUB Source:mr Fix It Rhythm
Track 8 EVERY TRICK DUBWISE Source:every Trick In The Book Rhythm
Track 9 PROMOTING DUB Source:everybody Need Promotion Rhythm
Track 10 A HEAVENLY DUB Source:heaven Less Rhythm
Track 11 M16 DUB STYLE Source:m16 Rhythm
Track 12 A REAL ROCKING DUB Source:real Rock Rhythm
Track 13 A DRIFTING WOOD Source:drifting Rhythm
Track 14 SOLOMON WISE DUB*source:soloman Was A Wise Man Rhythm
Track 15 SCRATCH CREATION DUB*source:scratch Creation Rhythm
Track 16 BRUSH ME DUB* Source:sweaty Come Brush Me Rhythm
*CD Bonus Tracks

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