K.S. Ratliff And Black Magic

Fear Of The Night

Image of K.S. Ratliff And Black Magic - Fear Of The Night
Record Label
Subliminal Sounds

About this item

Limited edition of 500. First time limited edition vinyl reissue of an extremely rare and unique teenage real people psych garage private press album from 1982 . It’s so damn off the radar rare and elusive that it even eluded the writers of the Acid Archives book. Here’s the inside word on it directly from the pioneering record collector and front man of New Yorks Endless Boogie; Paul Major: The first time I heard this record I had to vigorously punch myself in the face to make sure I wasn't dreaming it up. It's real. K.S. Ratliff comes on like a blast from a lost world, a maverick small town flash from high school kids in some alternate Kentucky utterly isolated from any scene and untainted by even the slightest stink of music biz disease. Real people.

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