A Certain Ratio

Change The Station

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This is the latest instalment in an ongoing collaboration with Mute and follows the release of The Graveyard And The Ballroom, To Each, Force, acr:mcr, I’d Like To See You Again, Up In Downsville and the long out of print album Good Together.
Change The Station (1986) – An abstract album that sees A Certain Ratio bring the funk to laid back ambience in a way that only they could. The party is still there and it’s more hypnotic than ever.


1 Listen To The Sound
2 Some Day
3 You're On Your Own
4 Waiting For You
5 Yeah Boy
6 Sister Brother
7 Desire
8 Samba 123
9 Pole
10 Do Du Beep
11 Golden Balls
12 Funk Off
13 Groove (E)

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