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In the early 80s, futuristic music existed that triumphantly anticipated another musical era for a number of groups that worked on alternative circuits in Spain. Tradition, trajectory and future: these three words sum up a movement that was castrated at birth and sought to bring plurality and nuance to a monolithic cultural scene that was too predictable, commercial and stale.

The musical texture of synth pop, experimental electronic music and the incipient primitivist industrial sound of groups like Esplendor Geométrico or Orfeón Gagarin came up against a lack of social participation that supports a popular and broad-based culture. The living soul of those pioneers was extinguished forever, and now it's time to recover unreservedly the compositions created by these largely misunderstood groups. Both volumes of "Interferencias" seek to do their bit in the odyssey to disseminate rarities from the Spanish musical heritage dating from the 80s, when the dictatorship was over.

In this era, there was a conflict between those who wanted to break with the past and those who preferred designer camouflage. In this second volume of "Interferencias" we continue to explore the interest and attraction of the new sounds back then, which were a kind of pressing need for these embryonic gurus of techno pop, who held on tight to their next-generation instruments as if they were symbols of the post-Francoist advance party. These bands appeared in the middle of the transition to democracy, a strange small breakaway movement, but popular with the minorities on the margins of the dominant and official artistic system. This new movement was anointed by one key idea, namely, moving beyond the discrimination surrounding the use of synthesizers in order to recreate emotions. Adopting a modern attitude, they hung out outside major record label circles but keeping an eye on the media, which was already putting their music out there, exemplified by their sporadic appearances on television programmes such as Musical Express or La Edad de Oro. The dynamism of these groups who were dominated by foreign musical aesthetics was clear to see.

"Interferencias" closes this analytical search for our synthetic and minimalist musical heritage; adopting a respectful, historically accurate, heterodox and undogmatic approach. These sounds embody the perplexity, paradox and confusion of those years, which disconcerted audiences through the use of innovative musical language and discourse and provoked a lack of understanding and enthusiasm in equal measure. Thanks to some of the groups included on this collection we can discover a universe brimming with stimuli and meaning, living matter capable of releasing the energy needed to breathe new life into us and supply us with substance in order to reinterpret and understand the world of popular music from the last few decades.

There's a lot to reclaim, or better said, to explore, in this parallel history of underground mystery that has been hidden for the vast majority of people and which, for various reasons, was deprived of becoming the true electronic pop germ sown in Spain with talent and rebellion. Nevertheless, this music did reach completely uncharted territories for thousands of young people at that time.

Sometimes the most beautiful song is sung in a language we're not familiar with, and this is also true of sounds. For this reason, I invite you to enjoy and engage by listening to this "feast" where the most succulent sonic delicacies are not necessarily laid out in front of us on the table. "Interferencias" is a wonderful soundtrack that guides us down the back streets of memory and oblivion, mindful that memories can sometimes be worth their weight in gold.

Sergio Sánchez.


1. La Canción Del Metrónomo (Teléfono Rojo) - MUZAK
2. La Fuga - DIAGONAL
4. Teatro Sucio - ORFEÓN GAGARIN
6. Teoría Del Contacto - LOGOTIPO
7. Camino A Venus - JAN
8. La Espía Que Me Amó - CLAUSTROFOBIA
9. De Picnic - DE PICNIC
10. Deja De Lamentarte - FANZINE
11. Déjame Ahora Dormir - Q
12. Kopek - DEMIAN
13. Ciudad Estelar - FLASH CERO
14. Francotirador - FLÁCIDOS LUNES
16. Television - MANÍA
18. Esto No Es Broma - HEROICA
19. Blonde Venus - V GENERACIÓN
20. Programa-1 – PROGRAMA

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