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Get 2 know Nicky Benedek: a producer, songwriter, multiinstrumentalist and DJ. His compositions bridge the nebulous territories of house, boogie, hip-hop, jazz-fusion and experimental new age. Born and bred in Los Angeles, Benedek began pulling inspiration from the city’s structural and visual dichotomies at a young age. He picked up a guitar at 9 years-old, taking note of any and all sonic surroundings, from prevalent West Coast G-funk to the synthesized sound effects in video games to a Herbie Hancock record pulled from his dad’s collection. Amongst a complex set of influences, funk took a hold on his heart by high school.

Bene’s World is Benedek’s second Leaving Records release, following last year’s Coolin’ EP as well as a full-length debut on the influential Peoples Potential Unlimited label. His catalogue also includes collaborations with Dam-Funk, Delroy Edwards and Tom Noble. Recorded between his Koreatown studio and the West LA home he grew up in, Bene’s World captures the characteristically-LA mingling of urban action and canyon seclusion. 


1. On My Way
2. Westin’
3. Big Nite City (Sax Mix)
4. Castle 2 Castle
5. Ocean Park (Ft. Just Tony)
6. Tuff Luv
7. Afterglo
8. Sonatine

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