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Silhouettes And Statues: A Gothic Revolution 1978-1986

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In the wake of punk rock, and after twenty years of carefully packaged pop and rock fantasy, cold reality finally kicked in the doors of the music industry. Overnight, a generation raised on aspirational boy meets girl tales, the clichés of rock ‘n roll excess and the unreachable otherworldliness of glam and progressive rock were freed to pour truth and their everyday experience into their music. In no time at all, a dark, brutal sensibility crept into the UK’s post-punk wasteland, reflecting the political, social and spiritual situation. Thoughts and feelings that pop music had repressed for decades were at last unleashed as the anger, the frustration, the self-loathing and the disenchantment flowed. The instrumentation, imagery, appearance and attitudes varied wildly from tribe to tribe in this primordial, year zero atmosphere, but by the late 1970s a gothic sensibility had taken root which reset the boundaries of musical and lyrical expression forever…

Extensive 5CD/book set exploring the evolution of the Goth movement, from the glacial post-punk of the late 1970s through positive punk and into the Batcave era, dark electronica and beyond. Features over 80 classics, rarities, album tracks & hidden gems from The Cure, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy, PiL, The Birthday Party, Adam And The Ants, The Mission, Southern Death Cult, Fields Of The Nephilim, and many more

5CD + 48pp A5 book format contains many artists’ own sleevenotes, previously unseen photographs and essay from Natasha Scharf (The Art Of Gothic, Worldwide Gothic, Prog, Metal Hammer). Curated and designed by the people who brought you Scared To Get Happy, Still In A Dream, Close To The Noise Floor and many more excellent and extensive box sets. An intense journey through the shadowy underside of the UK’s post-punk alternative culture.


Disc One:
1. Shadowplay – Joy Division
2. Release The Bats – The Birthday Party
3. Rema-Rema - Rema-Rema
4. Shattered Glass – Paranoia
5. Charnel Ground – Section 25
6. Floorshow - The Sisters Of Mercy
7. The Female Mirror – Clock Dva
8. The Black Cat – Uk Decay
9. Dead And Re-Buried – Alien Sex Fiend
10. Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven – Love And Rockets
11. Q Quarters - The Associates
12. Carnival Of The Gullible - In Excelsis
13. Feels Like Dancing Wartime - Nevilluxury
14. Vaguely Human – Flesh For Lulu
15. Crow Baby - The March Violets
16.D For Desire – All About Eve
17. Beautiful Monster – Folk Devils

Disc Two
1. Flowers Of Romance - Public Image Ltd
2. Bed Caves - Danielle Dax
3. Moya - Southern Death Cult
4. Caged - 1919
5. The Hanging Garden – The Cure
6. Solitary Habit - S-Haters
7. The Arcane – Dead Can Dance
8. Saving Face - Years On Earth
9. Breach Birth – In The Nursery
10. The Tenant – Play Dead
11.Ghost – Part 1
12. Cuts Of Love – 13th Chime
13.Ice Cold In – The Tempest
14.Night Creatures – Screaming Dead
15.Among The Ruins – Bushido
16. Friends - Portion Control
17. Creation - Actifed

Disc Three:
1. Tabletalk - Adam And The Ants
2. The Darklands - Balaam And The Angel
3. Love Puppets - The Legendary Pink Dots
4. Into The Garden – Artery
5. Girlsoul – Salvation
6. In Shreds – The Chameleons
7. Fugitive Kind - Schleimer K
8. By The River – The Bolshoi
9. Screaming (For Emmalene) - Gene Loves Jezebel
10.Gallery Of Shame – Lowlife
11. Out Of The Moving Life Of Circles - And Also The Trees
12.Is Still - Siiiii
13.Heroin (Live) - Tabathas Nightmare
14. Angel Of Vengeance – Brigandage
15. Stone Heroes – Penetration
16. L.A. Rain - The Rose Of Avalanche

Disc Four:
1. Legacy – Furyo
2. Stay With Me - The Mission
3. Saeta - Nico
4. Fragments Of Fear – In Camera
5. Anonymity – Dance Chapter
6. Sink Into You – Ausgang
7. In Our Angelhood – Cocteau Twins
8. Morbid Silence - Sunglasses After Dark
9. Trees Come Down - Fields Of The Nephilim
10. Tracey's Burning - Anorexic Dread
11. Take It All – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
12. Burning Skies - Tones On Tail
13. Spit Upon Your Grave – Blood And Roses
14.High Cost Of Living – Threat
15. Storm Pause – I’m Dead
16. Last Year’s Wife – Zero Le Creche

Disc Five:
1. Stigmata Martyr – Bauhaus
2. Patrol - The Wake
3. Returning From A Journey – Specimen
4. Original Sin - Theatre Of Hate
5. Birthrite - Attrition
6. Things We Never Did - Sad Lovers And Giants
7. Dr Jeckyl And Mr Hyde – The Damned
8. The Hill - Gloria Mundi
9. His Box - Dali’s Car
10. The Diseased Stranger's Waltz – Inca Babies
11.Ghost Dance - Death Cult
12. Euthenics - Modern Eon
13. Mind Disease – Ritual
14. She Cries Alone - Skeletal Family
15. Jack - Bone Orchard
16.Ghost Rattle - Hula
17. Twister - Rubella Ballet

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