European Song

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Bureau B

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In their 23 years of existence, KREIDLER have often made music that might be described as "dystopian". Kreidler were in a recording studio, in Mexico City, when they were hit by the news of the election of US President Donald Trump. With renewed vigor they realized the studio live sessions of “European Song”, a record that maintains the suppleness and the icy nonchalantly of the the German quartet, but contaminated by a slight claustrophobic feeling, an intensification of the accents as if to face up to exorcised, the fulfillment of such a political event similar to a nightmare that had seemed, until then, rather remote.


Barry says: Another masterful collection from Kosmische masters Kreidler. Clanging industrious electronics, driving hypnotic basslines, and Kreidler's textbook execution make this another well-deserved notch on their musical bedpost. As brilliant as expected.

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