Kicking Up The Dust

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Cast are an English rock band from Liverpool, formed in 1992 by John Power (vocals, guitar) and Peter Wilkinson (backing vocals, bass) after Power left The La's and Wilkinson's former band Shack had split. Following early line-ups with different guitarists and drummers, Liam "Skin" Tyson (guitar) and Keith O'Neill (drums) joined Cast in 1993.

The band are back with their 6th studio album ‘Kicking Up The Dust’ on 14th April 2017.


Side 1
1. Kicking Up The Dust
2. Roar
3. Do That
4. Further Down The Road
5. Paper Chains
6. Birdcage

Side 2
1. Every Little Thing You Do
2. Baby Blue Eyes
3. How Can We Lose
4. Clear Blue Water
5. Out Of My Hands 

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