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Malian music is arguably the most sophisticated form of African music. Now Mr Bongo, who have long been entranced by Malian culture, and, in particular, the immense hypnotic beauty of Malian music, have put together a selection of songs from across the country. Compiled by Vik Sohonie & Dave ‘Mr Bongo’ Buttle, the story of this release began in 2015 when Dave happened upon the Soul Bonanza blog. One mix in particular stood out and totally enthralled Dave - le monde a change: a tribute to mali 1970 - 1991. He already knew of Malian legends such as the Rail Band, Salif Keita, & Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako, but this mix was something else. On this album you will find well-known artists sing next to rarer discoveries. The Rail Band, who are one of the best known of all the big bands in Mali, gave us the stars Mory Kante and Salif Keita. Les Amabassedeurs du Motel de Bamako were another big act that had Idrissa Soumaoro, Kante, Man la, and for a while Salif Keita in their ranks. Sometimes Salif would play in both bands in one night, quite a feat considering the bands were fierce rivals. Asan albino Salif has had to face considerable prejudice from society, focusing on his musical career to help overcome this. A major discovery on the album has been Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de L’Ija. L’Eclipse de l’Institut des Jeunes Aveugles was a Blind teenagers institute and their record was produced by the German association that took care of blind Malian teenagers in Bamako. It was never properly released commercially and was the first recordings by the legends of Malian music Idrissa Soumaoro, Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia. Amadou & Mariam later got married and became household names. This album is a concerted global effort to showcase the most vital cornerstone of Malian culture in an attempt to preserve its reputation in the face of its current, grim reality. We hope our highlights of Mali’s rich history of musical innovation will serve as a starting point for reclaiming an image tainted by unnecessary conflict. May peace and music return to Mali soon.


Idrissa Soumaoro Et L’Eclipse De L’Ija - Nissodia (Joie De L’op Misme)
Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako - Tiecolom-Ba
Super Tentemba Jazz - Mangan 
Rail Band - Mouodilo
Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako - M’Bouram-Mousso 
Sorry Bamba - Yayoroba
Super Djata Band - Worodara
Zani Diabate Et Le Super Djata
Band - Fadingna Kouma
Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako - Fatema
Super Djata Band De Bamako - Mali Ni Woula
Salif Keita - Mandjou
Alou Fane & Daouda
Sangare - Komagni Bela
Idrissa Soumaoro Et L’Eclipse De L’Ija - Fama Allah

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